Home Products Hunting and fishing Silicone Rubber Rifle Scope Binocular Cover, Sunshade, Rain Cap, Eye Piece, Objective Lens, Spotting Optics, Tactical Flip Up Protector, 40mm 44mm 50mm 56mm 69mm, Sold Individually (Sm)

Silicone Rubber Rifle Scope Binocular Cover, Sunshade, Rain Cap, Eye Piece, Objective Lens, Spotting Optics, Tactical Flip Up Protector, 40mm 44mm 50mm 56mm 69mm, Sold Individually (Sm)


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Color matte black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.94 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
Sport Type Hunting
Item Weight 30 Grams
Material Silicon

SIZING "small" fits most eye pieces, "medium" most 40mm objectives and "large" fits 50 and 56mm
SUN SNOW DUST RAIN PROTECTION for riflescope, spotting scope or binos, 3 sizes, suits 38 to 70mm OD
DESIGNED BY EXPERIENCED HUNTERS silently blocks glare, debris, waterproof, simplicity at its best
INSTANTLY READY no caps or neoprene, nothing to open, cross hairs on target, safety off, squeeze
LIFE TIME WARRANTY highest quality, UV stabilized, soft and elastic, tear resistant silicon rubber

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In general terms, the "small" fits most eye pieces, the "medium" fits most 40mm objective lenses and the "large" fits 50 and 56mm objective lenses.

To confirm the right size, measure the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of your scope or binoculars and choose the correct size. Covers are sold individually.

Small- 38 to 45mm (1 ½”- 1 ¾”) OUTSIDE DIAMETER

Medium- 46 to 56mm (1 13/16”- 2 3/16”) OUTSIDE DIAMETER

Large- 57 to 70mm (2 ¼”- 2 ¾”) OUTSIDE DIAMETER

MINIMUM CLEARANCE REQUIRED a gap of 1.5 mm, 1/16th inch, between the objective lens and the barrel

PATENT # D897392

Don't let the rain end your hunt.

After hunting for hours, the rain has finally eased off a little, all you can hear is the drops dripping off the leaves. Like a silent ghost, a trophy buck steps through the small clearing and pauses for just a second. You have been waiting all year for this opportunity, or is it a lifetime? Now is the moment! Cross hairs spot on, safety off and squeeze.

Having scope covers that keep your optics dry, without having to remove anything, is invaluable. Could something so simple be your solution? Designed by experienced hunters for those that take their hunting seriously.

Have you ever gone to take that shot in the rain? All you can see is water on your lens. With our scope covers you can hunt all day in light to steady rain. As long as you keep your rifle roughly level, you will have clear optics, ready to go at all times.

Designed by experienced hunters, for those that take their hunting seriously.

Ready for action.

Many years ago, I was stalking in steady rain when my chance finally came. I had a big buck jump up only 25 yards in front of me. I had just purchased some new scope cover caps, perfect (I thought) for the wet weather. Instinctively, I threw the rifle up ready for the snap shot at close range, but all I could see were my caps! I had forgotten to remove them! I had my one chance at him and then he was gone! After that day, I decided there had to be a better wet weather solution, enabling the hunter to take quick shots in the rain. We designed a simple version of these scope covers, which have now evolved into the quality product they are today. They have been tested in the field in all sorts of weather conditions. Thankfully, I have never been caught out again, as my rifle is always ready for action.

Also works as a sun shade when you are looking into the sun.

Some helpful tips.

-Once you put them on, you can leave them on indefinitely. They are totally silent, virtually unbreakable and will probably outlast your scope. If you prefer to just put them on for those wet and showery days, they are quick to put on in the field, are easily removed and washed and are not affected by gun oils and cleaners.

-Depending on how tight a fit the cover is, will influence the exact position you like it on your scope. Experiment by trying different positions to see what works best for you, especially with the eyepiece one. You will develop your own technique for putting them on. You don’t need lubricant, but will need strong fingers if you are installing a cover near the top of its sizing limitation.

-If you have a scope that doesn’t have enough clearance underneath the objective lens then a cover can have the bottom removed and be taped in position with electrical tape. Likewise if a cover is too loose for your scope they can be cut and taped or just taped. The covers can be customized with scissors to go around any protrusions on your scope or binoculars. Take care to only cut smooth curves as accidental cuts could cause them to tear along the cut.

Works well in both rain and snow.

Simplicity at its best.

-The overhanging part of the cover can be folded back flat onto the scope if you prefer, when not needed. They weigh less than 1.5 ounces for a pair and can be stored anywhere.

-Particularly helpful to reduce sun glare on your lens when hunting into the sun on those early mornings or late afternoon hunts, when the forest comes to life.

-If heavy recoil causes the silicon cover to touch your forehead, it is hardly felt because the rubber is so soft. In the event of having your forehead far too close to the scope on a high powered rifle, the cover will offer some protection between you and your eye piece. Most of us have learnt that lesson.

-Vision is not restricted above your scope, enabling quick target acquisition.

-Using a cover on the eye piece lens, helps train your eye alignment, by getting you to have your head low enough on your cheek pad every time, minimizing parallax.

-In very heavy rain you can get a few droplets bounce off the barrel onto the glass. When stalking in very wet undergrowth, you can have water flick off the bushes under the scope cover. In these conditions it is recommended to check regularly and occasionally wipe dry with a lens cloth, as needed.

An optics cover for all seasons.

Down Under Outdoors

We are a small family business based in Australia. My wife and I are both deer hunters, over here we are able to hunt all year round. We are both accredited with our National Park Services and are involved in helping cull deer in the Parks, to help control their numbers. All of our products are used regularly under real life hunting conditions, as we hunt about 40 to 50 times a year. We are constantly changing and improving our own hunting equipment and hope to get more of our designs on the market soon. I hope our scope covers can be as much of a help for you as they have been for us.

Geoff and Cath.