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Premium Camo Hunting Face Mask Heavyweight Fleece or Jersey Fleece for Winter and Cold Weather, Multi Fit (Digital Camo)


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Size Multi fit
Color birch tree camo
Material Polyester, Cotton
Sport Type Hunting

80% polyester 20% cotton
CAMOUFLAGE FACEMASK essential gear for hunting turkeys, ducks, waterfowl, deer, other wild game
ONE SIZE FITS MOST unique quality fastening system suits a wide range of hunters, small to large
HIGH QUALITY soft comfortable bendable wire around the eyes, glasses friendly, cotton/poly head band
BIRCH TREE CAMO blends with most camoflauge clothing, jersey on the outside, fleece on the inside
DESIGNED BY EXPERIENCED HUNTERS for those that take their hunting seriously, thick 320gsm fabric****

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Whether hunting turkeys, deer or other wild game, it is essential to include face concealment when carefully choosing your hunting kit.

Why Down Under Outdoors?

Heavyweight 320GSM premium anti pill fleece for maximum warmth or the same weight in a jersey fleece, jersey knit on the outside and a very soft comfortable fleece on the inside.

Fits a very large range of head sizes, due to its unique adjustable head band.

Very comfortable, soft wire frame, that can be adjusted to any shape.

Mesh over ears and mouth, maximizing hearing and fresh air and minimizing fogging of eye wear.

Glasses friendly, the frame has room to bend the wires to suit.

Very high quality workmanship, using the best available materials.

Wear your Favorite Hat

The mask hangs freely away from the face, enabling air flow underneath as well as through the breathing hole. With our masks, you get to wear your favorite hat. I love to wear my well worn camo cap to keep the sun and rain out, but when it gets really cold, out comes the beanie.

Flexible soft wire frame

A soft wire around the eye frame allows you to customize the shape to suit your exact requirements, even wearing glasses is no problem. You decide what shape you like. We have carefully selected an extremely durable, long lasting and super comfortable wire. Even the ends of the wire have little covers sewn on them so the wire doesn't work its way out of its sleeve.

Ready for Action

The mix of light and dark tones in both camouflage styles, allows them to blend in with a large array of backgrounds and other camo patterns, complimenting your existing hunting clothes. The "digital camo" is particularly good when there is lots of green in your hunting terrain, whereas the "birch tree camo" is more suited to browns and grays in the landscape you hunt.

Perfect for up in your tree stand or waiting in your hide

Perfect for in the stands when the temperature drops, or for wearing stalking in cold to very cold weather. You can tuck it in for maximum warmth, or let it hang free.

Adjustable Head Band

Our Mask has a very simple, reliable and adjustable headband. Its unique quality fastening system suits a wide range of head sizes, small to X-large. For that extra warmth when the weather unexpectedly turns cold, make sure you have your fleece mask. It takes up very little room, is lightweight, but makes a huge difference.

Down Under Outdoors

We are a small family business based in the "Land Down Under." My wife and I are both deer hunters and here in Australia we are able to hunt all year round. We are both accredited with our National Park Services and are involved in helping cull deer in the Parks, to help control their numbers. All of our products are used regularly under real life hunting conditions, as we hunt about 40 to 50 times a year. I hope our fleece face masks can be as much of a help for you as they have been for us.

Geoff and Cath