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4 Pack VERY VERY SMALL PVC Chicken Saddles, Bantams, Young Birds


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Polyvinyl Chloride
FITS VERY VERY SMALL BREEDS and YOUNG CHICKENS now with new softer elastic to make it easier to put on
SADDLES ARE VERY VERY SMALL put on as soon as young birds are big enough usually about 6 to 8 weeks
PROTECTION FOR FEATHER PECKED BIRDS enables healing and regrowth of feathers without isolation
TOUGH DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT made from PVC that is cost effective but suits the job perfectly
MINIMIZES ATTACKS FROM BIRDS OF PREY the chickens are difficult to pick up because of the saddle

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Covered by U.S. Patent No. RE45,586. Protection, durability, comfort, affordability and a saddle that stays on, have been the driving forces behind our design. Make sure to watch the video on our listing for instructions on how to put it on. The elastic is high quality for durability which makes it tight to stretch, so the right technique is important, but once it is on it has no pressure on the bird. We grow out about 300 young birds each year and have been using these small PVC saddles as a preventative to stop feather pecking even before it starts. They are for young birds from about 7 weeks and can be installed as soon as the bird is large enough and left on until the saddle is too small for them, at about 14 to 17 weeks. If they shake the saddle off, the birds are still too small for it. It is best to install the saddles at night time as they will settle down more quickly with it and wake up the next day without it being much of an issue. It is normal for them to try and get it off using whatever method they can, but they will not be hurt in trying. Just be patient and they will get used to it, usually within a few hours. They are particularly helpful when growing out young males together, as males are renowned for feather pecking backs, tails and shoulders. Don't be put off because they are made from PVC and not canvas, (like our saddles for Standard size chickens), because the PVC suits this purpose amazingly well. It is very lightweight and low cost, but very tough and the birds soon learn how to move it away from their backs for airflow and dust bathing. Even though they have mainly been designed to prevent feather pecking, they can also be used for breeding protection on bantams and smaller breeds of chickens. We have used our saddles without any problems in heavy rain falls, heavy frosts and even in the middle of summer when it can get over 100 degrees. The saddles are guaranteed for 12 months for any reason, however I expect you would get a few seasons out of them without any problems.