Picnic Blanket

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Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 210cm x 140cm (82x55 inches)
  • STUFF SACK: Comes in a stuff sack to protect it and keep it clean
  • MACHINE WASH: It can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.
  • SECRET POCKET: It has a water resistant secret pocket sewn into the edge of the blanket.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY Receive a lifetime warranty when you register on our website

NEVER FEAR THE WINTER WEATHER AGAIN: stay warm and dry in the bleachers, while lovingly supporting your kids at the football, soccer, hockey, softball, other sports event or enjoying the great outdoors; your all purpose blanket has a tough red waterproof polyester backing and gray 250 gsm anti-pill polar fleece to give you the best cosy feel.

NO MORE STAINS ON THE COUCH: your XL blanket can save you from life’s little mistakes by being a moisture barrier to unwanted spills; spread it under the high chair indoors, or put it on the car seat for the dog or pet to travel on; then just throw it in the wash and store in its stuff sack.

YOU DESERVE A BREAK: head down to the park, spread your picnic mat for your little ones; take a good book to the beach, sit and watch the big surf roll in; or wrap yourself up and be the warmest person around the camp fire.

WATCH THE SUNSET IN COMFORT WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE: show them you care about the little things, be prepared with your extra large blanket, go for a romantic picnic and pop your keys in side the safety of the weatherproof pocket.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Australian designed with integrity; if you ever have a problem with your blanket there’s no need to worry because it is totally covered by our warranty, as we say in Australia, “She’ll be right mate".


Our picnic blankets are made with a water resistant backing to stop moisture coming through from damp ground. They can also be used to keep you dry if caught out in the rain as the rain will run off and only soak through very slowly if water is allowed to pool. The face side is a 250gsm antipill polar fleece for warmth and comfort. The two surfaces are ultrasonic quilted together. This technique uses no stitches, which means there are no stitch holes for water to penetrate, and no stitches to come undone on the main surfaces of the blanket. Because the surfaces are quilted together you can use it to sit on a slope as the fabrics won’t slide against each other.


Picnics, stadium blanket, emergency shelter, placed over a picnic table with the water resistant side up (easy to wipe clean), extra camping blanket that stops condensation on your bedding, protection on your furniture or beds from your pets little accidents, outdoor events, babies and toddlers to play on outside, extra warmth when sitting around a campfire on those cold nights, put under a high chair when the grandkids visit.

Because it has 2 sides that offer very different advantages it can be used for a wide variety of situations.


We have had many blankets over the years but this is by far the best design and feels strong, and is also soft and cozy on the inside, I have always wanted a safe place for the keys and phone, this blanket has a zipped pocket that is great! We thought we would test how waterproof it is ourselves. I got the hose out with one of my kids hiding under the blanket and sprayed the hose on full all over the blanket for 5 minutes. He came out completely dry, that's waterproof enough for our needs. 100% Happy

Kerri - August 19, 2017

I love this blanket! It works so great for any where I take my golden retriever, inside and outdoors. Exactly what I was looking for.

Tom Ducheminon - August 9, 2017

We absolutely loved this product! It was perfect for our little family picnic. Even though the grass was damp, the blanket kept us 100% dry. Yay! (I hate it when my jeans get wet.) The quilted fleece was so soft and comfortable for our little baby who loved crawling around. I also love grey - so that was a win! It now lives in the trunk of our car ready for any impromptu family picnics. The little waterproof zip pouch was a happy find to keep my cell in, as my little baby loves to eat it (ekk). Very happy customer. Thank you.

Amazon Customer - August 4, 2017

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